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   Downloading XXCOPY Products

    All XXCOPY packages come with both the 32-bit version (XXCOPY)
    and the 64-bit version (XXCOPY64).  With one site license, you may
    mix and match the word-size (32-bit vs 64-bit) as needed.

    XXCOPY Help File in HTML style (CHM format)
      • Included in any of the download packages below.
      • Download now in the ZIP format (needs unzipping)
      • Download now in the CHM format (without compression)
        Note: You need to unblock the security setting of the file in its property sheet
        of the file after download if you download the CHM file directly.

    XXCOPY Freeware Package   (Free for personal use)
      • No sign up necessary.
      • For personal (non-commercial) use and product evaluation only.
      • Download now (needs unzipping)

    XXCOPY Test Drive Package   (Free Evaluation for 60 days)
      • For non-commercial use, select the XXCOPY-Home Test Drive package.
      • For corporate or other use, select the XXCOPY-Pro Test Drive package.
      • Go to the On-Line Request form for (delivered by Email).

    XXCOPY-Pro or XXCOPY-Home Update (with subscription in good standing)
      • If you have a paid license for XXCOPY-Pro or XXCOPY-Home,
      • Go to the On-Line Request form for (delivered by Email).