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   Frequently Asked Questions (about orders)

    Q: How many flavors does XXCOPY come with?
    A: We offer three basic editions in five standard packages:
      XXCOPY-Home (Test Drive Package and Licensed Package)
      XXCOPY-Pro (Test Drive Package and Licensed Package)

    (We offer other XXCOPY-Pro special packages for various purposes.)

    Q: How does XXCOPY cope with the the 64-bit environment?
    A: For some technical reasons, we provide XXCOPY64 (the XXCOPY package for 64-bit Windows environments) that is distinct from the 32-bit version.   We used to have a separate download package for XXCOPY64.   However, we recognize that most XXCOPY users go through a gradual migration from a 32-bit environment to the strictly 64-bit environment.

    So, to make everyone's life easier, we merged the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions into one download file.   Starting with Ver 3.00 (January, 2010), all XXCOPY download files (including the Freeware, the Test Drive packages and paid licensed packages) contain two directories (named /32bit/ and /64bit/).   Once you obtain and unzip the download file, select the directory suitable for your environment. Note that the executable file in XXCOPY64 packages is named identically (XXCOPY.EXE).

    This also simplifies the licensing issues.   One site license (all XXCOPY-Pro or XXCOPY-Home licenses are a site license) covers both 32-bit and 64-bit environments.   You can mix them as long as the total number of computers is within the host count of the license.

    Q: What is the difference beween the Freeware and XXCOPY-Home and XXCOPY-Pro?
    A: While all versions of XXCOPY share the same basic set of file management functions, various XXCOPY editions differ in their behavior under certain circumstances (mostly on whether or not certain user prompt is issued).
      • XXCOPY-Freeware is primarily designed for stand-alone computers.
      • XXCOPY-Home is designed for small home networks (up to 5 computers).
      • XXCOPY-Pro and other editions are designed for networks of any size.

    There are more differences in features among various editions.

    More specifically, the following functions are supported by XXCOPY-Pro but not by XXCOPY-Home:

      • Very Long Pathname (/VL)
      • Functions that handle Security Information (/SF and /SC)

    When you invoke an XXCOPY command that requires a feature that is not supported by a given edition of XXCOPY, you will be prompted with a warning --- you are allowed to let the command to complete its course by dismissing the user prompt.   It serves as a demonstration of the advanced feature.

    No technical support of any kind will be offered to Freeware users.  (See Support section)

    Q: When I try to install the newly-downloaded 32-bit version, the following errorr message pops up on my screen.
      xxcopy.exe is not a valid Win32 application.
    A: The error message generated by the operating system is misleading.  Recent release versions of XXCOPY (v.3.09.0 or newer) are created with the most recent development tool from Microsoft (Visual Studio 2010) that expects some obscure Win32 DLL functions that are not provided Windows 2000 or NT4.  The error message is a result of the old Windows environment that places blames on the perfectly valid Win32 application.  (Presumably, this is Microsoft's deliberate effort to force stubborn users to give up Windows 2000).
    • If you wish to use XXCOPY on Windows 2000 or NT4, you need to acquire XXCOPY v.3.08.0.
    • If your Windows is even older (i.g., Windows 95/98/ME), please acquire XXCOPY v.2.96.7.
    • For real mode (DOS) operation, please download XXCOPY16 v.2.93.1.
    Q: My computer is very old (Windows 2000) for which I have problem installing the current version of XXCOPY. Is an old version of XXCOPY available?
    A: The answer provided to the previous question also applies here. The following legacy versions are available for Test Drive for which a paid license is available (we no longer provide freeware for old versions).
    Q: I operate a small business from my basement office.   Can I purchase a license of XXCOPY-Home?
    A: No.   The XXCOPY-Home Edition is offered for personal use only.   The License Agreement explicitly forbids the use of XXCOPY-Home for commercial or institutional usage.   A XXCOPY-Home license is always issued to an individual, not to an organization.   The title of the license belongs to the individual (not an employee of a company).   The low-cost XXCOPY-Home should not be viewed as a substitute for the full-featured XXCOPY-Pro.   Lastly, a XXCOPY-Home license cannot be upgraded to a XXCOPY-Pro license.
    Q: Is there any recurrent fees after I make my first purchase of XXCOPY-Pro (or XXCOPY Home) license?
    A: While the XXCOPY license is technically good for perpetuity (as long as you stay with exactly the same Windows version), you need to acquire newer versions of XXCOPY from time to time in order to keep up with newer operating system environment.

    You should be prepared to pay for the update/support subscription service at a nominal fee.   The initial purchase price of a license covers the subscription service for the first year.   Thereafter, you should renew your subscription for 1/4 (25%) of the initial license fee for each additional year of subscription.   You may order an extended (multi-year) subscription with your first purchase of XXCOPY license.

    Q: What if I forget to renew my update/support subscription?   Do I need to purchase a new license after my suscription expires?
    A: Since the the user license is good in perpetuity, there will be no legal issues.   When you need a new version of XXCOPY (typically forced by a new Windows service pack you install), and visit the XXCOPY web site for updates, you will be reminded that your subscription has expired.   You can re-activate your subscription by paying for the lapsed months (at a prorated monthly rate).

    Our pricing formula ensures that you pay the least in the long run by keeping an uninterrupted subscription.

    Q: Is there a dealer pricing with the XXCOPY products?
    A: Yes.   If you are a consultant who is thinking of acquiring a XXCOPY-Pro license for your client, or a dealer who orders XXCOPY for resale, you should become a XXCOPY dealer.

    We offer a dealer discount for resellers.   No contract to sign, or no minimum purchase commitments are necessary to sign-up to become a XXCOPY dealer.   You can get instant product quotations or even place an order for immediate electronic delivery with a credit card payment.

    Please visit the XXCOPY Dealer page.