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   The XXCOPY Products

    XXCOPY Freeware Package   (Free for personal use)
      • For personal (non-commercial) use and product evaluation only.
      • Designed primarily for stand-alone (non-networked) computers.
      • The XXCOPY Freeware License prohibits routine commercial use.

    XXCOPY-Home Package   (Economical package for personal use)
      • An economical license package for home (personal) users.
      • Good for small networked environments (up to 5 computers).
      • Use of an advanced XXCOPY-Pro feature triggers a warning prompt.
      • A XXCOPY-Home license cannot be upgaded to another type of license.

    XXCOPY-Pro Package   (For corporate users and others)

    A purchase of a license includes a one-year update/support subscription.
    Beyond the first year, each additional year of subscription incurs 1/4 (25%)
    of the initial license fee.    You may order an extended subscription up front.

    All XXCOPY download packages come with both the 32-bit version (XXCOPY) and
    the 64-bit version (XXCOPY64).  With one site license, you may mix and
    match the word-size (32-bit vs 64-bit) as needed.