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    From:    Kan Yabumoto           tech@xxcopy.com
    To:      XXCOPY user
    Subject: Worldwide Network of Download Sites for XXCOPY
    Date:    2001-07-10
    If you have difficulties downloading the XXCOPY freeware copy
    from our own server, select an ftp site which is close to you.
    Our sincere thanks go to Simtel.Net which has the world-wide
    network of mirror sites.
    Unfortunately, due to the agreement with Simtel.Net we are unable
    to provide direct links to the files.  You should visit the
    following page which has the actuali links of the mirror sites:
       Simtel.Net List of Mrror sites
    XXCOPY Freeware ver 2.60.0  (xxfw2600.zip)
    FTP:// download sites
    US, ALL (primary)        US, Arizona              US, Georgia 
    US, Illinois             US, Indiana              US, Massachusetts
    US, Missouri             US, New York             US, Oklahoma
    US, Oregon               US, Pennsylvania         US, Virginia
    Australia                Austria                  Belgium
    Brazil                   Bulgaria                 Canada
    Czech Republic           Denmark                  Finland
    France                   Germany                  Hong Kong
    Hungary                  Italy                    Japan
    Netherlands              Norway                   Poland
    Portugal                 Russia                   Singapore 
    Slovenia                 South Africa             South Korea 
    Spain                    Sweden                   Switzerland 
    Thailand                 Turkey                   UK
    HTTP:// download sites ________________________________________________________________________ US, Arizona US, Minnesota US, California US, Indiana US, New York Australia Austria Brazil Denmark Finland Germany Japan Norway Portugal Russia South Africa Spain UK
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