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    From:    Kan Yabumoto           tech@xxcopy.com
    To:      XXCOPY user
    Subject: The differences between XXCOPY Pro and Freeware
    Date:    2009-11-18 (Revised)
    This article explains how XXCOPY Professional Edition (XXCOPY-PRO)
    differs from the XXCOPY Freeware which is available for free.
      ====== For those who don't have time to read the entire page =======
        The Freeware is designed primarily for a stand-alone computer,
        whereas other packages work better in network environments.
        Besides, there are many other enhanced features in XXCOPY-Pro
        that most of which available in the Freeware for demonstration.
        In such a case, the function performs normally after the user
        dismisses the initial user prompt.
        Please note that the Freeware license agreement prohibits its use
        by corporate users for purposes other than product evaluation.
    Currently practically all XXCOPY-Pro features are available
    in the XXCOPY Freeware version except that in some circumstances,
    the Freeware version displays a message which requires a user
    1. Accessing remote computers (networked computers), beyond the
       number of computers for which your license allows.
         XXCOPY version               // Host count (# of computers) 
         XXCOPY Freeware              // 1 (the local computers only)
         XXCOPY-PRO (TestDrive)       // 100 = 99 networked computers
         XXCOPY-PRO (for N computers) // N =  (N-1) networked computers
    2. Macro references
         /$DATE$    // Current Date (same as /$MMDD$)
         /$TIME$    // Current Time
         /$YYMMDD$  // Any combination of YYYY, MM, DD, HH, NN, SS
         /$xxxxxx$  // And many more
         /%xxxxxx%  // Reference to environment variable from /CF
    3. Security related features (available in NT/2000/XP platforms)
         /SC        // Copy security info when a file is copied
         /SF        // Fixup security info, without copying file
    4. Non-default log output
         /oP        // Parameter
         /oP        // Parameter (command switch detailed) list.
         /oI        // Include-item (alternate file template) list.
         /oX        // Exclude-item list.
         /oF        // File list (files which were successfully operated on).
         /oS        // Skipped-file list (with the reason why skipped).
         /oD        // Deleted-file list (by a /Z or /ZY switch).
         /oE        // Error summary with the system error code
    5. Miscellaneous advanced features
         /FD        // Inter-timezone (adjust the destination timestamp)
         /FS        // Inter-timezone (adjust the source timestamp)
    6. Warning on an untested OS environment
         XXCOPY Freeware        // Always a warning is displayed
         XXCOPY-PRO (TestDrive) // The OS-version warning may be suppressed
    7.  Other occasions
         XXCOPY Freeware  // You may see occasional user prompts
         XXCOPY-PRO       // Practically all prompts can be suppressed.
    The above list is a description of difference between the two
    XXCOPY packages as of this writing (v.2.60.0 for the official
    release version and v.2.71.0 for beta test version).
    In the future, more differences may occur as we implement more
    features which are primarily for the XXCOPY Professional Edition.
    We guarantee that the XXCOPY-PRO version with a proper license will
    function indefinitely under the current operating environment.
    Of course, XXCOPY Freeware comes with no warranty of any kind.
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