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    From:    Kan Yabumoto           tech@xxcopy.com
    To:      XXCOPY user
    Subject: XXConsole --- A Super Console Generator for Windows Vista
    Date:    2007-09-01
        As a bonus feature of the new Vista-compatible XXCOPY, when the
        application is installed, a shortcut icon will be created on the
        Desktop which will open up a console window (CMD.EXE) with the
        Administrator privilege.  Under a UAC-enabled Vista environment,
        the command console with the elevated privilege is probably the
        best way to run XXCOPY and batch files alike.
        Rather than adding the one-time-only function into the XXCOPY
        program, we chose to segregate the shortcut-creation function into
        a stand-alone utility program in order to keep XXCOPY's size small.
        Although it is a humble one-trick pony, we decided to publish
        the tool as freeware for personal use.  It is called XXConsole.
     xconicon     xconsexe
        It provides a single-page dialog which combines the four-page
        Property sheet of the CMD.EXE shortcut.  Indeed, all of the
        functionality provided by XXConsole are available from the CMD.EXE
        property sheet except for the several embedded icon images.
           It is almost embarrassing to call it a new utility program.
           However, we thought there may be someone who might find it
           useful.  So, we decided to make it look half way decent and
           added the install/uninstall feature as well.
    Command Line Invocation Syntax:
        This utility can be invoked from a command line (also suitable
        for a batch file invocation).
        xxconsole.exe  [ switches...]
          where switches may be zero or more of the following:
             /fs:<n>        font size                     (4 - 72)
             /ra:0          disables run as administrator
             /ra:1          enables  run as administrator (for Vista)            
             /sw:<n>        screen buffer width           (1 - 1024)
             /sh:<n>        screen buffer height          (1 - 9999)
             /ww:<n>        console window width          (1 - 1024)
             /wh:<n>        console window height         (1 - 128)
             /tr:<n>        text color value red          (0 - 255)
             /tg:<n>        text color value green        (0 - 255)
             /tb:<n>        text color value blue         (0 - 255)
             /br:<n>        bgnd color value red          (0 - 255)
             /bg:<n>        bgnd color value green        (0 - 255)
             /bb:<n>        bgnd color value blue         (0 - 255)
             /start         starts immediate action
             /uninstall     uninstalls this program
             /?             displays the command syntax (this message)
             Unspecified values are set to respective default values.
        Tip: You may add any of the above switches as the command arguments
             for a XXConsole.EXE shortcut (without the /start switch) to
             override the built-in default values to suit your taste.
    Changing the Settings after Icon is created:
        The XXConsole application helps you create a shortcut icon for
        the console for the first time.  After the shortcut is created,
        any subsequent change in its parameters must be made through the
        property sheet (by right-click of a mouse on the shortcut).
        Similarly, other parameters that are not specified by the
        XXConsole application should be made from the property sheet.
    Download XXConsole:
        The XXConsole Program is available for personal (non-commercial) use,
        free of charge.  For commercial use (in corporate enviroments) or
        for mass distribution/deployment, please contact Pixelab for pricing.
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